First Time Blogger… Long Time Foodie

So here it is… yet another food blog. “Yippie!!” – you’re probably saying, sarcastically.

I’m not afraid to say it – I LOVE FOOD! I have said on more than one occasion, that “if food was a man, I’d marry him!”… Okay maybe I haven’t actually said it out loud, but I’ve definitely thought about it… Okay maybe I just thought of it now, but it sounds great – so I think I’ll start using it… does it even make sense?… I’m not sure.

Back on topic. Food. Without it we wouldn’t be here, so why not dive right into the good stuff!? The French didn’t create wheels of cheese just for us to look at while we eat plain, green leaves. Let’s please our palates, fill our bellies – and enjoy the incredible foods we have available to us.

To see what I’ve been up to in the food world, click the tabs above and check out the foods I’ve been eating, making, drooling over, ect…!



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